e3D Nozzle X - V6 filament 1.75mm - 0.25mm Visualizza ingrandito

e3D Nozzle X - V6 filament 1.75mm - 0.25mm


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  • La confezione contiene: 1 x e3D Nozzle X - V6 filament 1.75mm - 0.25mm

    Whilst our hardened steel nozzles are ideal for printing abrasive filaments such as ones loaded with Carbon Fibre, the extreme temperatures can cause the steel to temper and soften, ultimately reducing its abrasion resistance. And then there's our plated copper nozzles, able to cope easily with these immense temperatures but lacking the abrasion resistance required to resist Carbon Fibre. This is where the Nozzle X comes in, a nozzle able to withstand crazy temperatures without softening. 

    By going with a one-piece all-machined construction we were able to use our existing manufacturing processes to create our carefully tuned internal geometry, which provides fantastic flow response and keep the exact same geometry and compatibility as the rest of the E3D ecosystem. 

    Benefits of our WS2 ‘polyphobic’ nano-coating:

    • Less build up, particularly of sticky and filled materials to the nozzle cone
    • Improved first layer reliability; the slick coating has a reduced tendency to ‘drag’ material, particularly at sharp corners where tracks can peel up
    • Slicker, smooth top solid layers with a glassy like finish as a result of the smooth laydown of material
    • Easier nozzle cleaning, what little material that does adhere is easily wiped away with a paper towel leaving a very clean nozzle.
  • Per ulteriori specifiche vi invitiamo a far riferimento al sito di e3D o di contattarci.

    L'oggetto che riceverete può differire per alcune caratteristiche da quello rappresentato in foto, a seconda del lotto di produzione. Nonostante ciò, la funzionalità è mantenuta.


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