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Driver DQ860MA


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  • La confezione contiene: 1 x driver DQ860MA
    Average current control, 2-phase sinusoidal output current drive
    Supply voltage from 24VDC to 80VDC
    Opto-isolated signal I/O
    Overvoltage, under voltage, over-current, phase short circuit protection
    14 channels subdivision and automatic idle-current reduction
    8 channels output phase current setting
    Offline command input terminal
    Motor torque is related to speed, but not related to step/revolution
    High start speed
    High holding torque under high speed
  • Input voltage:24-80VDC Input current:?6A Output current:2.8A?7.8A Consumption?80W?Internal Insurance?10A Temperature:Working Temperature -10?45??Temperature:Stocking temperature -40??70? Humidity:Not condensation, no water droplets Gas:Prohibition of combustible gases and conductive dust Weight:600GS

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