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  • La confezione contiene: 1 x driver TMC2100
    The TMC2100 range of stepper drivers are the latest and greatest stepper motor driver on the block. The TMC2100 stepper motor driver is packed full of the latest features. StealthChop for quiet stepper motor operation, TMC2100 StealthChop uses PWM voltage instead of current, this means nearly inaudible stepping. SpeadCycle, for optimized motor current control, adjusts the length of the phases to increase maximum current (May slightly increase motor noise). The TMC2100 are only configurable through the CFG pins. Compatible with StepStick and Pololu A4988 Drive up to 1.2A (RMS) continuous coil current Step/Dir interface with microstep interpolation (up to 256 microsteps) Configuration via CFG pins - Motor supply voltage: 5.5 ? 45V Logic supply voltage: 3.3V or 5V (Choose the option) - Components on the bottom for better heat dissipation The TMC2100s are available in two versions. Unsoldered, pins need to be soldered onto the driver by the user. Soldered, pins are pre-soldered onto the board ready for plug and play compatibility with A4988/DRV8825. Also choose the correct voltage option for your board, either 3.3V or 5V.

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